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The Fun Starts at Freeport

Daufuskie is only minutes from Hilton Head, but it feels like you are going back 100 years in time. Most of the area remains dirt roads, revealing an island that is rich in history and nature with one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches on the East Coast. Daufuskie is a rare find that can only be visited by private boats or public ferries.

At the center of the fun is Daufuskie Freeport Marina! During the day, dockage at Freeport Marina is absolutely free when you eat or drink at the Old Daufuksie Crab Company. Don't forget to stop by the Old Daufuskie Crab Company restaurant for famous deviled crab and more! Here you can enjoy delicious Low Country cuisine, cold drinks including our signature cocktail called Scrap Iron, Live Music, and gorgeous water views.

The Island is home to heritage and native culture best explored through a narrated beautiful boat trip through the esturaries, and marshes aross the Calibouge Sound, or on a guided bus land tour. There are no traffic lights on this Island so it is like taking a step back in time. Self-guided golf cart tours are also available for your lesiure.


The Island Rum Distillery

Daufuskie Island Rum
Daufuskie Island Rum Company made the decision to seek Made in America Certification. Having grown up on multiple Army bases, our founder Anthony Chase, has a strong sense of national pride. In addition to that, it was important to assure that the products we use be of utmost excellence. American workers have proven time and again that they can and will produce the best products in the entire world. And, our suppliers' international counterparts may not adhere to the same standards and human rights guidelines as an American company would.  Read More

What Are You Missing on Daufuskie Island?

Visit Daufuskie Island
Daufuskie Island, a tiny 5,000 acre South Carolina Sea Island, is located just across the Calibogue Sound from Hilton Head. For vacationers truly looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the more populated tourist destinations, Daufuskie Island is the place to go! Take a step back in time and experience the unspoiled beauty and awe of this unique S.C. island.  Read More